Dynamics AX Workflow Configuration

After installing  Dynamics AX Workflow component from Dynamics AX CD properly,

there are 2 processes you should follow up as the following, the process of:

• Configuring Dynamics AX to use the Workflow service
• Specifying Workflow parameters for notifications and general use

Running the Workflow infrastructure configuration wizard

The Workflow infrastructure configuration wizard allows you to quickly specify the Workflow web service address, Workflow batch groups, and specify when the Workflow batch jobs should run. It also validates the Workflow web service and ensures that it is accessible by the AOS. In this section, we will cover the process of running the wizard.

1. Go to the Administration module and in the Setup section, open the Workflow infrastructure configuration wizard. Once in the Workflow infrastructure configuration wizard form, click on the Next button, as shown in the following screenshot:


2. In the next section of the wizard, you may specify the URL of the Workflow web service, which you created as described in Creating a website for Workflow section of this chapter. By default, this field will already be populated if you installed the Workflow service correctly. However, if you want to modify this field, you certainly have the option to do so. Be sure to click on the Validate button to confirm that the URL is accessible by Dynamics AX, as shown in the following screenshot:


3. In the following section of the wizard, you will be able to see which batch group is designated to execute Workflow batch jobs. Verify that the appropriate batch group is assigned and then click on the Next button.


4. In this section of the wizard, you can specify how many times you want the batch server to repeat the Workflow batch process. The lowest value you can enter is 1. The wizard will allow you to enter in 0; however, the batch system only accepts 1 as the lowest value. Once you have specified the appropriate value, click on the Next button.


5. The next and final screen of the wizard displays a summary of all the settings that were specified. Click on the Finish button to apply these new settings and to make Dynamics AX start using the Workflow service.


Specifying Workflow settings

The Workflow infrastructure configuration wizard assists in setting up common Workflow settings that are shared between companies. However, company specific settings for Workflow must also be specified such as Number sequences. Additional settings can be customized but are not required, such as specifying custom e-mail templates or another Workflow web service URL. In this section, we will cover the process of specifying company-specific workflow settings.

1. Go to Basic | Setup | Settings for workflow. In the General tab, provide a custom template for Approval and task notifications. By default, no template is specified. In this case, a generic e-mail template will be used.


2. In the Administration tab, verify that the correct Workflow web service is listed and verify that the system can access the service by clicking on the Validate button.


3. In the Number sequences tab, ensure that Number sequences are mapped to the appropriate Reference.



If number sequences are not mapped, it may be because the number sequence wizard never ran. To run the number sequence wizard, go to Basic | Setup | Number sequences to load the Number sequences form. In the Number sequences form, run the wizard by clicking on the Wizard button. Dynamics AX will automatically check which number sequences need to be set up and associate number sequences to their reference.

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