How to Call Report from Dynamics AX 2009

After you created your report in AX you can call report from  AX form by follow the below steps:

1- Create menu item with type output by drag and drop report to MenuItems nodes under AOT.

2- Open the form that you need to call report from.

                  Note: the form should be have dataSource with the table in report

3-  Drag and Drop menu Item created in step 1 in the form under any button group.

4- Add the following method to Report

void initFromCaller(Args _args)
    str                   QrderId; // field used as Rang and used to filter data
    QueryBuildDataSource  qbds; // should be represent report datasource and selected record in the form


    if (! _args ||
        ! _args.caller() ||
          _args.dataset() != tablenum(TableName) )

    QrderId = _args.record().(fieldnum(TableName,FieldName));

    qbds    =  element.query().dataSourceTable(tablenum(TableName));

        qbds.addRange(fieldnum(TableName,FieldName)) ;


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