How to add new action under Context menu in Dynamics AX

Each node in the AOT contains a set of available actions. You can access these actions from the
context menu, which you can open by right-clicking any node.
You can create custom actions for any element in the AOT by enlist a class as a new add-in by following:
1. Create a new menu item and give it a meaningful name, a label, and Help text.
2. Set the menu item’s Object Type property to Class.
3. Set the menu item’s Object property to the name of the class to be invoked by the add-in.
4. Drag the menu item to the SysContextMenu menu.
5. If you want the action available only for certain nodes, you need to modify the verifyItem
method on the SysContextMenu class.

Common prefixes in Microsoft Dynamics AX

Prefix Description
As Microsoft Dynamics AX typed data source
Axd Microsoft Dynamics AX business document
Asset Asset Asset management
BOM Bill of material
COS Cost accounting
Cust Customer Customer
Dir Directory, global address
EcoRes Economic resources
Human resources Human resources
Invent Inventory management
JMG Shop floor control
KM knowledge management
Ledger General Ledger
PBA Product builder
Prod Production
Proj Project
Purch Purchase
Req Requirements
Sales Sales
SMA Service management
SMM Sales and marketing management also called customer relationship management (CRM)
Sys Application frameworks and development tools
Tax Tax engine
Vend Vendor
Web Web framework
WMS Warehouse management