Sleep Function – Dynamics AX


Pauses the execution of the current thread for the specified number of milliseconds.

static void sleepExample(Args _arg)
int seconds = 10; // number of second to sleep
int i;
i = sleep(seconds*1000);
print "job slept for " + int2str(i/1000) + " seconds";


Security Role Design Principles in AX 2012 R2

Several common design principles are used when creating the base 80+ security roles included in AX 2012.
These design principles include the following:
• Roles represent the common access rights that are required for the job positions within an organization.
• Roles account for the organization size, culture and industry focus.
• Users are assigned to one or more roles according to their job.
Role types.

  1. Functional role: for example: Warehouse worker.
  2. Organization role: for example: Employee.
  3. Application role: for example: System User.

• Role segregation categories: Functional roles are designed to accommodate segregation of duties. Different categories of roles exist that each focus on their type responsibilities.

  1. Validation: Clerks focus on recording transactions.
  2. Verification: Verifies validate the correctness of recorded transactions.
  3. Authorization: Supervisors authorize processing of the transactions.
  4. Management: Managers review transactions periodically and apply changes to the process as appropriate.

RPC exception 1726 occurred in session id–Dynamics AX

You can find this Error message when you review the Application log on the computer that is running Microsoft Dynamics AX AOS services: "RPC exception 1726 occurred in session ID"

to trace this error and know the user id who is cause this error go to link below