1. Make a backup of the entire OLAP database.
2. Open the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 client.
3. Open the OLAP Administration form (Administration > Setup > Business analysis > OLAP > OLAP Administration).
4. Click the OLAP servers tab.

5. Enter the name and a description of the server that is running Analysis Services. (This information may be already entered for you.)
6. Select the check box for the OLAP server.
7. Click the OLAP databases tab.


8. In the Database name field, enter Dynamics AX. (This information may be already entered for you.) By default, the OLAP database that stores the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 cubes is named Dynamics AX.
9. Select the check box for the OLAP database.
10. Click the Advanced tab.


11. Select the Synchronize OLAP Database with OLTP Schema check box.
12. Select the Enable logging check box. Data will be recorded in a log file. Specify an existing location to save the Log file to. You will need to refer to this log file when completing many of the following procedures.
13. Click Update Databases to synchronize the OLAP database with the schema from the OLTP database. This process may take some time to complete.

Hint: This synchronization will compare the schema in the OLTP database with the schema in the OLAP database. It will remove tables from the data source view if any of the tables do not exist in the OLTP database (due to configuration keys being turned off). It will also remove invalid dimensions, dimension attributes, measures and measure groups. It will NOT fix named queries that contain references to columns or tables that are not in the OLTP database – these must be fixed manually. Follow the next post to fix these issues.

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