Features of Dynamics AX Reporting Project template

The Microsoft Dynamics AX reporting tools also include a new Visual Studio project template
called Microsoft Dynamics AX Reporting Project. This new project type simplifies the process of
SSRS reports that bind to data in Microsoft Dynamics AX.
The Dynamics AX Reporting Project template has the following features:
■ It allows a report to retrieve Microsoft Dynamics AX data from the AOS by using either a Microsoft Dynamics AX query or a Report Data Provider object.
■ It defines the report parameters and layout of the controls.
■ It uses references to Microsoft Dynamics AX labels to produce localized strings based on the
user’s current Microsoft Dynamics AX language.
■ It allows SSRS reports to be created and modified in the Application Object Tree (AOT).
■ It can be used to deploy report customizations to the report server.


Imparted From Inside Dynamics AX 2012 Book

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