Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 for Developers [AX 2012]

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 for Developers [AX 2012]

Getting Started with Microsoft Dynamics AX

Help System Development

Microsoft Dynamics AX IDE

Database for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Application Object Server (AOS)


Implementing Workflow for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Reporting in Microsoft Dynamics AX

Analytics in Microsoft Dynamics AX

Visual Studio Integration

Microsoft Dynamics AX Retail

Enterprise Portal for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Services and Application Integration Framework (AIF)

Integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX

Security for Microsoft Dynamics AX

X++ Language Programming Guide

Upgrading to a New Version of Microsoft Dynamics AX

Data Upgrade Scripts for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012


Debugging in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

User Experience Guidelines for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Best Practices for Microsoft Dynamics AX Development

Using the Microsoft Dynamics AX glossary

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  1. HI All,
    We are facing some issue in AX 2012 client when we are using Any connect VPN (CISCO) in our Ax servers.

    We have AX installed locally on a developer’s laptop machine. We are trying to connect this local instance of AX to a TFS server (which is on our customer’s network). We need to connect via VPN (Cisco Any Connect) to be able to access the customer’s TFS server.
    However AX is unable to connect to the TFS server.
    Issue is mention as below:
    1) AOS, and AX client starts successfully. Both are installed on the local machine (developer’s laptop)
    2) We then try to connect to the customer’s network where TFS server is located – using the ANY Connect VPN (cisco) with existing user id and password.
    3) Once VPN connection is connected through Client Network , the local AX client stops responding and shuts down
    4) We have checked that AOS is running on the local machine and VPN connection is also running but AX client has closed. When we try to open AX 2012 client again then we get the following error message “ The Server is Unavailable, Please contact to System Administrator”. This happens even when AOS is running proper.
    5) When we try connecting VPN first and then AX, the AX client doesn’t work.
    Can you help use resolve this so that the local AX instance is able to synchronize with the TFS server located at the customer’s network. The only way we can connect to the customer’s network is via VPN.